Vacuum conveying + High Shear Mixer Granulator

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  • Rapid Mixer Granulator – RMG Machine, High Shear Mixer Granulator

    850000.00 825000.00

    high shear mixer granulator , rapid mixer granulator, high shear mixer, high shear, shear mixer, high shear homogenizer, rotor stator mixer, high shear inline mixer, homogenizer rotor stator, shearing mixing Rapid Mixer Granulator ,High Shear Mixer Granulator (HSMG) Manufacturer batches. Basically, it consists of a Bowl, Impeller & Chopper rotation of the stirrer to make it fully mixed. After adding the binder, in the intersection area, the granulating cutter will affect the churning material. The dough is fully broken and cut into uniform and dense spherical particles, for Pharmaceuticals, formulations & bulk drugs.

    High Shear Mixer Granulator, High Shear Inline Mixer, Rotor/Stator Mixer, Rapid Mixer Granulator MACHINE AVAILABLE WITH CUSTOMIZED CAPACITY AND FEATURES.

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