Storage Tanks & Storage Vessels

For over a quarter of a Century, Shree Bhagwati Machtech India Pvt. Ltd have been supplying stainless steel tanks and process equipment to the brewing, beverage, food, waste, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We also supply mild steel tanks.

Manufacturer and exporter that specialized in the research design and making pharma and chemical equipment such as mixing tanks, storage tanks, reactors, mixing vessel, etc. Our tanks are widely used in mixing vessel, chemical, glue, resin, silicone, sealant, food, gum candy, cosmetics and many more.

Indian manufacturing many different technologies for inline batch mixer suitable for creams, ointments, lotions, mayonnaise, salads dressing and emulsions of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods and chemicals industries.

Blending Vessel / Blending Reactor

Open mixing tank, Closed Mixing Tank, Vacuum Mixing Tank, Horizontal Ribbon Blender, Perfume Mixer, Cosmetic mixer, Pharmaceutical Lab mixer, pharmaceuticals tank, Fresh smoothie mixer, Food & Beverage manufacturing mixer, Cosmetics & Toiletries product mixer and storage tank, Toothbrush mixer, Row of sunscreen , Sunscreen lotion mixer, Tank, Cosmetic Cream Mixer, shampoo of styling product mixing and storage tank.

Stainless steel mixer machine & Equipments  Manufacturing different types of Stainless Steel mixing tanks, Stainless Steel vessels, Stainless Steel kettles and Stainless Steel vats for suitable for detergent, bleach,  shampoo, liquid and other Semi liquids in cosmetics, food , pharmaceutical and chemical industries

we handle the increasing demand for high quality stainless steel storage and process vessels from a wide range of industries – each with its own requirements.

Storage / Blending mixer Capacity 50 L TO 20,000 LITER
 Orientation Vertical
TYPE Bottom Dish End ,Top Flat End with Motor and Gear box , Inside Agitator for Mixing Material , Bottom discharge connection Vertical Leg Mounted
Usage/Application Mixing or Blending Material
Mixing Material Chemicals / Oils / Lubricant / Liquid Syrup / Sugar Syrup / Wax Melting /Engine Oil
Material Stainless Steel ,Mild Storage
Orientation Vertical Orientation
Tank Diameter As Per Your Requirement
Electric Heater Single Phase or Three Phase
Temperature Controller Automatic or PLC Operated
Mixing Speed (RPM) Variable , Speed Up And Down As Per Requirement
Finishing Type Matt Type ,Mirror Finishing
Heating and Cooling System YES

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  • Batching Mixing and Packing Line

    Powder, Granule Batching Mixing and Packing Line

    Manufacturer of powder mixing line with competitive price Different products Powder Mixing Line with Weigh Batching System – Protein Powder Batch Mixer Line , Dusting Powder Batch Mixer Line, Baby Powder Batch Mixer Line, Body Powder ,batch Mixer Line; Powdered Milk Batch Mixer Line, Fluoride Powder Batch Mixer Line, Pancake Mixes Batch Mixer Line, Powdered Sugar Batch Mixer Line, Talcum Powder Batch Mixer Line, Epoxy Powder Batch Mixer Line, Cocoa Powder Batch Mixer Line, Foot Powder Batch Mixer Line, spice Powder Batch Mixer Line, Talc Powder Batch Mixer Line ,Salt Powder Batch Mixer Line , Dry Powder Batch Mixer Line ,Food additives Batch Mixer Line, Face Powder Batch Mixer Line, Nutrition Powder Batch Mixer Line, Sports Powder Batch Mixer Line, whey Protein Powder Batch Mixer Line , Powder Batch Mixer Line ,Automated Weighing And Batching System , Powder Mixing Line With Weigh Batching System , Powder Batching, Weighing, Mixing System , Sport Nutrition Blending Filling Line ,Powder Mixing Machine & Mixing And Blending Equipment, Powder Mixing And Blending Technology , Nutritional / Food /Herb / Seasoning Powder / Detergent Powder/ Protein/Spice/Milk /Whey Powder Mixer & Blender Nutritional formula Powder is blended as a precise mix of multiple ingredients.

  • Stainless Steel Storage Tank / Vessels

    Stainless Steel Storage Tank / Vessels


    Multipack manufactures Storage Vessels from 50 litres to 180,000 litres which can be used for various application like beverage, food, waste, pharmaceutical and chemical industries

  • Stainless Steel Mixing Vessel / Mixing Tank

    Stainless Steel Mixing Vessel / Mixing Tank


    We manufacture stainless steel mixing vessels and ASME vessels for Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Cosmetics and other liquid processing industries. We provide highest standard of Factory Acceptance Testing with full documentation

  • Preparation Vessel, Reactor, Storage Tank

    Preparation Vessel, Reactor, Storage Tank


    Preparation vessel, reactor & Storage Tank with Capacity up to 25,000 Liter, Product Contact AISI 316L, Vertical & Horizontal design, Atmospheric, Vacuum or Pressure Operation

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