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  • Automatic Volumetric Bottle Filling Machine – 2/4/6/8/12 heads Nozzle filler

    775000.00 575000.00

    Automatic liquid filling machine includes 4-head to 12-head models with an output up to 150 BPM for a filling range from 2 ml up to 1000 ml .We also offer a servo motor-based filing system with PLC and HMI. Machine suitable for pharmaceutical – cosmetic – diagnostic – food – chemical – pesticide – herbal – ayurvedic & COLOR

    Advanced technology is included in an automatic liquid filling machine to enable accurate and consistent filling of liquids, from thin to very viscous materials like juice, ghee, oil, milk, syrup, honey, and more.

    We are specialized Liquid Filling Machine Manufacturers that customize according to the client’s products.

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