Top Side Sticker Labeling Machine

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  • Top labellers,  Label Dispensing Machine

    Top labellers, Label Dispensing Machine

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    Label dispensing machine ,Self adhesive Label applicator also known as sticker labelling machine is widely used for applying the labels on bottles, Automatic, User Friendly, Vertical Linear Top and Side Labelling Machines are suitable for applying Top and/or Single side Labels on Flat/Square/Round/Rectangular shape products with output Up to 300 Labels per minute depending on product and label size. Automatic Top and Side Labeling Machine with Automatic Product Alignment system synchronized with top holding belt system. Packaging in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Chemical, Food, Beverage, Pesticides, Gifts, Agriculture, Personal Care, FMCG, Electronics, and many more industries box, envelopes, bags, food trays, cartons top surface labeling are also available.

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