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  • Vertical pouch Cup filler

    Tea Bag Packing Machine – Tea VFFS machine


    Suitable to fill 20gm-2000gm tea bags Single Track Machine with cup base Filler unit Vertical form-fill-seal machine for candy, melon seeds, chips, peanuts, nutlet, preserved fruit, jelly, biscuit, confect, camphor ball, currant, almond, chocolate, filbert, cornp,automatic volumetric cup filler metering packaging machine, apply to pack bulk grain, slice, short bar material products such as puffy food, popcorn, shrimp chip, salt, sugar, rice, sunflower seed, peanut, beans, nuts, pistachio, peas, instant oatmeal / cereal oats, etc.

  • Granule cup filler machine , bottle and Jar powder and Granule filler

    Granule cup filler machine , bottle and Jar powder and Granule filler


    Volumetric cup filler Can fill all kinds of granular products like tea, coffee, rice, pulses, snack foods in bottle and Jar Cup Filler Machine for Detergent, Pulses, Grains, spices, Salt, Pesticides fillingĀ  , Salt Bottle Filling line, Sugar Bottle & Jar Filling line, Breadcrumbs Bottle & Jar Filling line, Cornflakes Bottle & Jar Filling line, Rice Bottle & Jar Filling line, Pellets Bottle & Jar Filling line, Pebbles Bottle & Jar Filling line, Fertilizers Bottle & Jar Filling line, Sand Bottle & Jar Filling line, Gravel Bottle & Jar Filling line, Soil Bottle & Jar Filling line has earned a well-deserved industry reputation as reliable, accurate and durable. The unit economically fills dry, free flowing particulate products such as rice, beans, and kitty litter-all without product degradation.

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