Multipack Packaging Machines is an organization International standards manufacture high quality Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine (VFFS) , Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine , VFFS Packaging Machine for BLOCK BOTTOM GUSSET POUCH, PILLOW POUCH ,QUAD GUSSET POUCH FOR PROUCT FILLED TO GRAINS , SNACKS , SUGAR , TEA ,  BEVERAGES ,  COFFEE ,  SPICE POWDER ,  ATTA ,  MILK POWDER , CANDY , SEEDS, DETEGENT , NUTS, PASTA, WAFER , DRY FRUIT


We Offer Entry level vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) machine and high speed model.


Fillers & Weighers – Vertical bag forming, filling and sealing machine


» Multihead Weigher

» Volumetric Cup Filler

» Auger Filler

» Linear Weigh Filler

» Index Conveyor Belt




  • Multi-drop Elevators/ Bucket Elevator System
  • Cross Feeder
  • Platform with Multihead Weighers
  • Screw Powder Conveyors for Powdery Products
  • Batch Coding Device
  • Metal Detector System
  • Smart Belt Discharge / Take Off Conveyor
  • Rotary Table
  • Static Charge Eliminator


OUR PACKAGING MACHINES  – Vertical form fill and seal machine – High speed , Production and Entry level model.


  • Snacks & Namkeen VFFS Pouch Packaging Machine
  • Ready-to-Eat Food VFFS Pouch Packaging Machine
  • Candy VFFS Pouch Packaging Machine
  • Grains & Seeds VFFS Pouch Packaging Machine
  • Powder VFFS Pouch Packaging Machine
  • Spice VFFS Pouch Packaging Machine
  • Coffee VFFS Pouch Packaging Machine
  • Sugar VFFS Pouch Packaging Machine
  • Salt VFFS Pouch Packaging Machine
  • Tea VFFS Pouch Packaging Machine


Our Machine running below industry :


  • Agrochemicals VFFS Packaging Machine
  • Fertilizer VFFS Packaging Machine
  • Paint powder VFFS Packaging Machine
  • Hardware VFFS Packaging Machine
  • Pet foods VFFS Packaging Machine
  • Cement & wall putty VFFS Packaging Machine
  • Dyes and pigments VFFS Packaging Machine
  • Foundry, Flux and Inoculants VFFS Packaging Machine




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  • Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine(VFFS) With Multihead Weigher

    VFFS Machine , Weighmetric Filling Machine for Pouch


    VFFS MACHINES Weighmetric filling machine is Weigh-Metric basis filler, Weighmetric filling machine ,machine completes the whole procedure of filling, bagging, date printing, charging (exhausting) automatically is suitable to fill 50gm 1Kg & (5Kg Multiple Strokes of 1Kg) of Pulses/Granules in Readymade Laminates Pouches vffs machine suitable Chips, Puffed Snacks, Namkeen, Dry Fruits, Wrapped Candies, Macaroni, Biscuits, Pasta, Seeds, Breakfast Cereals, Chips, Puffed Snacks,Dry Fruits, Wrapped Candies, Macaroni, Biscuits, Pasta, Breakfast Cereals, Potato Chips, Kurkure, Macroni, Indian Namkeen, Nuts, Soya Chunks, High Counts Biscuits etc Vffs Pouch packing machine with latest version filling technlogies

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