Liquid soap bottle filling machine

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  • Liquid detergent & Cleaning product bottle filling line for Phenyl , Household Product, Floor Cleaner

    Liquid detergent & Cleaning product bottle filling line for Phenyl , Household Product, Floor Cleaner

    2500000.00 2200000.00
    Detergent Filling Line – Liquid Packaging Lines

    Automatic production line for filling, capping and labeling of liquid household. Utilize the rotary pump to fill chemical product with foamy based.

    Our filling dosing dish wash, softener, laundry sanitizer, bathroom cleaner, Detergent liquid Anionic detergents, Cationic detergents, Non-ionic detergents, laundry detergent filling machine, natural laundry detergent fabric wash filling machine, Amphoteric detergents., shampoo, hand soap, dishwashing liquid, shower gel, Fabric Wash Liquid Detergent Filler Bottle filling, capping, labeling machine is suitable for Phenyl, liquid detergent, Household Product, disinfectant, Floor Cleaner, shampoo, Liquid Hand Wash, body wash, dishwashing liquid, liquid washing, liquid detergent, shampoo, boy lotion, hair conditioners, liquid fertilizer, dishwashing, liquid soap, shower foams, disinfectant, glass cleaner, floor cleaner, metal cleaner, air refresher, herbal shampoo, carpet detergent etc.

    Filling Line

      • Safety Guard
      • Nozzle up & down action driven by servo motor.
      • Filling nozzle (Dia. 25.4mm) for big neck
      • Liquid feeding pump.
      • Conveyor upgrade
    • Neck grabber for different sizes of container.
    • Capable capping type: plastic screw cap, trigger cap, pump cap.
    • Manually apply caps.
    • Capping roller utilize servo drive to control the capping process and to quick change over to another format.
    • Labeling – automatic labeling machine to label flat / oval / cylindrical containers (front / back / wrap-around).

    Bottling detergent there are several types of filling machines you may choose.



  • Single Head Linear Screw Capping Machine with Cap Elevator

    550000.00 525000.00

    manufactures capping machines, bottle cappers and cap tighteners that apply screw caps, lug caps and snap-on caps from 10 to 130mm in diameter Capping Machines, Bottle Capping Machine, Cap Tighteners.

    Capping Machines, ranging from simple hand-held cap tightening tools to fully automated systems for cap sorting, placing, and tightening. We offer solutions for various cap types including pre-threaded screw caps, ROPP caps, valve crimping, and press-on caps.

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