Butter Milk filling machine

Flavored Milk / Buttermilk / Lassi Packaging Line

We Offer Pet Bottle and Glass bottle fresh butter milk filling machine, Automatic Flavored Milk Filling Machine, buttermilk bottle filling machine, Automatic Milk Bottle Filling Machine, Automatic Bottle Milk Filling Machine and Automatic Milk Filling and Capping Machine, labeling machine, Badam Milk Filling line, Flavored Milk Filling line, Lassi Filling & Capping, Sealing Machine, Labeling machine, pasteurized milk buttermilk filling machine, Buttermilk chaas Bottle Filling Machine, Yoghurt Milk Filling Machine etc.


The Complete Flavored Milk / Buttermilk / Lassi Packaging Line for Bottles Consists of:  Bottle Washing + Cleaning Machine, Linear Milk Filling Machine, Conduction foil Sealing Machine, Bottle Screw Capping Machine, Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator or Self-Adhesive Sticker labeling machine, Rotary Turn Table, Packing Conveyor Etc. with a Speed of Up to 100 Bottles/minute.

  • Robust construction, heavy duty base, S.S. 304 elegantly matt finished body.
  • No bottle No filling system.
  • Suitable for filling products like Milk, Flavored Milk, Buttermilk, Juice, etc.
  • ± 0.5% filling accuracy on single dose.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Suitable for Glass, Plastic, PET, HDPE Bottles, etc.
  • No Change parts required to fill different fill size.
  • Pneumatically operated bottle stopper.
  • PLC controlled latest technology.
  • Drain tray around machine platform.
  • All contact parts are S.S. 316.

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  • Mayonnaise Bottle filling capping and labeling machine

    Ghee Filling Machine – Ghee Filling and capping machine line

    Our Ghee Filling line including Bottle cleaner, rotary feeder, Filling, capping, induction cap sealing machine, Shrink Sleeve Labeling machine and Self adhesive sticker labeling machine and packaging machines. Ghee Filling line Filling Volume: 50 gm to 1 Kg Standard model line, speed up to 200 bottle per minute (100 gm) and Ghee filler for 5 kg and 15 kg filling, Cap sealing and labeling machine, Shrink Packing machine. Speed up to 30 per minute (5 kg). Automatic pure cow Ghee, Milk and dairy products – Curd, Paneer, Ghee, Butter, Cheese, Fresh Creamm Butter Milk, Lassi, Flavoured Milk, Batter & Chutney , cooking oil , fresh fruits & vegetables & Tofu.

    Filling and capping machine , induction Sealer machine
    Labelling machine and coding unit/s
    End of line packaging (shrink tunnel, cartoner)
    Automatic palletizer, pallet conveyors, shrink wrapper machine.

    Multipack ghee filling machine manufacturering and export, desi ghee packing machine / Line, Glass and PET Jar ghee packing bottles and Jar filling line with 2 nozzles to 16 nozzle filling line with Inline Capper and labeling machines speed 20 bottle / Jar per minute to 200 bottle per minutes.

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