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  • Tray Dryer machine with Tray, Trolly

    Tray Dryer – Tray Dryer Machine, Hot Air Tray Dryer Manufacturer

    750000.00 625000.00

    Application in pharmaceuticals, bulk drug, chemicals, textiles, paints, food and other industries. It is easy in operation and is suitable for drying granulates, powders, wet cakes, and slurries.

    Model we manufacture Tray Dryer – 6 Tray, Tray Dryer – 12 Tray, Tray Dryer – 24 Tray, 12 Trays, 24 Trays, Tray Dryer 48 Trays, Tray Dryer 96 Trays, 192 Trays Tray Dryer machine Dryers are used in a variety of industries, such as the food processing, pharmaceutical, paper, pollution control and agricultural, chemicals for research and medical concerns, paper for printing and packaging , foods and snacks, Pharmaceuticals: Drying of tablets, capsules, powders, and granules. Chemicals: Drying of various chemical substances, intermediates, and pigments. Food Processing: Used for drying food products such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and snacks. Textiles: Drying of fabrics, yarns, and dyed materials in the textile industry.

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