Tablet tubes Cartoner machine

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  • High Speed Cartoner

    High Speed Cartoner – Horizontal cartoning , High Speed Cartoning Machine

    12500000.00 11500000.00

    High Speed Cartoning Machine Applications: bags, toys, toothbrushes, tubes, medical supplies, panty shields, bottles, jars, cans, wafers, Tablet, Hard capsule, soft capsule, Syringe/Pre-Filled Syringe, Facial mask, Condom, Confectionery, Vape pod, Blister pack, BFS(Blow-Fill-Seal), Popsicle, Pillow pack, Vial(10vial), Bottle, Sachet, Stick, Suppository, Skin care product etc.

    CARTONER is an advanced, continuous motion and side load cartoning machine joined by a smart synchronous tracking loader system

    Intermittent Motion Cartoning Machine – High Speed Cartoner Machine

    Intermittent horizontal cartoning machine and is also suitable for food packaging, cosmetic packaging, and packaging in related industries.

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