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  • Pet Stretch Blow Moulding Machine, Pet Bottle Blow Molder

    Pet Stretch Blow Moulding Machine, Pet Bottle Blow Molder


    Manufacturer of Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machines for PET bottle production. Our Two stage Plastic PET machines can make bottles from round to flat bottle styles. With our two stage Automatic PET Blow Molding Machines you can produce various different shaped PET containers, such as mineral water bottle, beverage bottle, cosmetics bottle, medicine bottle, pesticide bottle, edible oil bottle, milk bottle, Juice bottle and many , Pet Blow Moulding Machine, bottle blowing machine best price, bottle molding machine, 2 cavity pet blowing machine, automatic pet blowing machine, pet bottle blow molding machine, Blow Moulding Machine for Wide Mouth Jars ,20 Ltrs Blow Moulding Machine, PET Blow Moulding Machine Controlled by MITSUBISHI touch screen computer. Operate consistently and simply. Pneumatic elements from FESTO (German) and SMC (Japan) .

    50 ml to 5000 ml Bottles & Jars , 10/ 20 Liters Jars ,PET Preform for Bottles, PET Preform for Jars, 5 Gallon or 20 Ltr. Preforms/Jars, Pharma Bottles, Single Stage PET Bottles, Double Stage PET Containers, Caps & Closures, PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machine & Rotary Cap Compression Moulding Machine


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