Square Bottle Labeler

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  • Single Side Flat Sticker Labelling Machine

    Single Side Flat Sticker Labelling Machine


    The single side flat sticker labeling machine is utilized to label one side of the flat containers, Rectangular, flat-arched to oval, cylindrical or full and partial wrap around labels on various dimensions of other containers. One side labeling, two-side labeling, square bottle Multi sides labeling, Wrap-around labeling optional attachment for Square Olive Oil Bottles, Whisky bottles, Medicine bottle, Spice Bottles, Square tin cans, Water Bottles, Bucket, Droppers, Spray Bottles, Cans, Jars, Candy jar, Lotion Containers, Soda Bottles, Tapered Bottles, Multi-Faceted Bottles, Octagonal-Shaped Bottles.

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