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  • Sparkler Filter , zero hold up filter press

    Sparkler Filter , zero hold up filter press


    Manufacturer of wide range Filtration Equipment ,Filtration Machine for of Pharmaceutical, Pesticide, Food, Beverages, Cosmetic, Chemical , Zero hold up filter press pharma, zero hold up closed filter press, pharma filter press, ss zero hold up filter press, reverse flow zero hold filter press and zero hold up filter press, zero hold up sparkler filter press, thinner filtration machine, horizontal filter press, turpentine filter press, spirit filter press and ink filter filtration machine , seed oil filter press machine, cocoa oil filter press machine, turmeric oil filter press machine, cooking oil filter press machine, waste oil filter machine and virgin oil filter machine ,sparkler filter press machine, stainless steel sparkler filter press, ss sparkler type filter press, automatic sparkler filter press, food processing filter press and carbon slurry filter press with sugar syrup transfer pump, honey oil transfer pump, chemical liquid transfer pump, acid transfer pump, stainless steel transfer pump and milk transfer Manufacturers of Filtration Machine The unfiltered liquid is fed into the filter under positive pressure, where liquid travels in downwards direction and finds its way through opening on sides of the Filter Plates.

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