shrink tunnel machine

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  • Shrink Wrapping Machine for Bottle, Tin & Jars

    Shrink Wrapping Machine for Bottle, Tin & Jars


    Shrink wrapping machine is majorly used to wrap objects with film Shrink tunnels are of different sizes to apply on various product sizes ,

    Multipack is Leading manufacturer of wide range model and handling systems for Shrinking and packaging line machines,  heat shrink wrapping machine, shrink wrapping machine for bottles, shrink wrapping machine, shrink wrapping machine for boxes, manual shrink wrapping machine, automatic shrink-wrapping machine , portable shrink wrapping machine , shrink wrapping machine bangalore , shrink wrappers for beverage cans, food tins, shampoo bottles, perfume boxes shrink wrapper, shrink wrap machine, shrink pack machine, shrink packer, shrink sealing machine, wrapping machine, film wrapping machine, shrink tunnel, shrink tunnel machine ,Applications of Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine: Pesticides Bottle, Pharmaceutical Bottle, Textile , Cosmetic Items Like Talcum Powder Bottle, Books & Stationery Like Playing Cards, Mineral water, Food Products Like pickle bottle, Soap & shampoo Bottle, Gift Items , Welding rods , etc. Drinking Water Bottles, PET Bottles, Glass Bottles, Jerry Cans, Cups, Cartons, Boxes.

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