Rotocone Vacuum Dryer for food

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  • Rotocone Vacuum Dryer

    Rotocone Vacuum Dryer , Rotary Cone Vacuum dryer

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    Rotocone Vacuum Dryer ( RCVD) / Rotary Cone Vacuum dryer is most suitable for drying Heat sensitive products, In Pharmaceuticals, API, Nutraceuticals, Insecticides, Pesticides and Food product Industries.

    Double Cone Dryers in compliance with cGMP & FDA standards. We supply RCVD Dryer in Stainless Steel 316/316L and 304/304L.

    • Minimum attrition of the product media
    • Practical solvent recovery
    • Highly efficient low temperature drying with integrated heating system
    • Conical vessel shape is ideal for discharging and cleaning operations.
    • As there are no scrapers, ploughs, scoops or vanes, material will not clog and prevent uniform drying
    • No possibility of bearing fluid cross contamination with product media
    • Sealed heating jacket prevents leakage of heat transfer fluid into the process media
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