Parfum Bottle Filling Machine in Malawi

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  • Perfume Filling Machine

    1800000.00 1621000.00

    specialized in the production of filling and crimping machinery for perfume industry. This is semiautomatic perfume production line. Contains perfume mixing machine. Perfume storage tank, perfume chiller machine, perfume filling machine, crimping machine, pressing machine, dip tube cut machine, manual packing machine, perfume filter machine. Perfume sample filling pressing machine

    Items In Line –

    1. Semi Auto 2 Head Vacuum & Airjet Cleaning Machine
    2. Semi Auto 8 Head Rotary Vacuumetric Filling Machine
    3. Semi Auto Single Head Crimping Machine
    4. Packing Conveyor 30 Feet
    5. Semi Auto Single Head Collar Fitting Machine

    Applications –

    Perfume Bottle Filling
    Perfume Bottle Cleaning
    Perfume Bottle Crimping
    Perfume Bottle Collar Fitting
    Perfume Box Overwrapping


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